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5 Ways a Travel Advisor Can Help You Discover a New Destination

Don’t go at it alone the next time adventure calls. Travel advisors are the best in the travel planning and booking biz and they’re eager to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime or a quick weekend getaway. Plus, with benefits like insider knowledge, travel protection and secret perks, you’d be missing out if you didn’t at least consider working with an agent when dreaming of a new destination.

1. They do the research for you

Between searching for authentic experiences, finding the best neighborhoods to explore, deciding where to eat, figuring out the currency and understanding local customs, researching a new destination can be time consuming. Luckily, this is the kind of homework that travel advisors love to do. Plus, agents often have insider information on destinations you’re unfamiliar with, thanks to firsthand experience, product knowledge, in-depth education and client feedback.

2. They’re up to date

The world of travel is always evolving and this means that the rules might have changed since your last international, or even domestic, venture. Stay in the loop, especially with a destination you’ve never visited, by working with an agent who is up to date with the latest travel documents, rules and regulations ensuring that you don’t run into any surprises while in line at the airport.

3. They’re ready for the unexpected

There’s no one better to have by your side than a travel agent who can cancel or rebook your trip when personal conflicts or weather events arise. No one likes getting the run-around in a frustrating situation when abroad, but agents are equipped with the right personal and professional connections to help get you out of a pinch relatively stress-free.

Speaking of weather, agents are in the know when it comes to weather patterns in popular vacation spots like Mexico and the Caribbean, so they can make sure you get more sunny days and avoid rainy seasons.

4. They make the best choice for your wallet

Basic Economy, Economy and Business class, fare options are abundant and can get confusing. Throw in extra services like seat reservations and checked baggage and the fees can begin to pile up. And this trend isn’t unique to travel by air, booking a cruise is equally complex, with different rate codes and room categories to choose from. Travel advisors can see past the overwhelming number of choices and will help you decide which combination is right for you without breaking the bank. Plus, thanks to their own experience, agents are transportation pros so they might have a few tricks up their sleeve to help make your time in transit run more smoothly.

5. They offer perks

Thanks to their hookups around the industry, many agents have access to special rates and perks that are available to their clients. Whether you’re exploring a new domestic city or a destination abroad, agents will do their best to connect you with a few extra frills along the way (Think room upgrades, free cocktails, spa treatments and more).

Travel insights from Jenna Buege, associate editor of The Compass

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